Natural Ways to Deal with a Bloating Stomach

When you're young, things like a trim waist and slender legs usually don't matter much, but as we get older, it' becomes more common to start comparing our appearance to others. Keeping a trim figure is usually a side effect of a healthy lifestyle, and it can be disappointing when a bloating stomach keeps you from fitting into your favorite dress or pair of pants. If you're tired of living with abdominal bloating, it's probably a good time to learn more about this health condition, and how you can eliminate it.

Understanding Abdominal Bloating

When you think about all the health conditions that you have to be worried about today, it can seem like abdominal bloating is the least of your concerns. However, many people fail to realize that almost all health conditions are inextricably linked to the health of the digestive system. Prolonged gas bloating and other digestive problems can serve as an important message from your body about things that might be going wrong underneath the surface. In most cases, a bloating stomach is caused because gas is building up in the abdomen, and because of intestinal blockages, can't be released as flatulence into the environment as usual.

Reasons Why Stomach Bloating Can Occur

You've probably heard the phrase "you are what you eat" many different times in your life, but have you actually stopped to consider the wisdom of this phrase? The food that you put into your body acts as fuel for your muscles and organs, but it can also contain harmful bacteria and toxins that attack your body from the inside. Here are some of the most common eating and lifestyle choices that can lead to gas bloating:

  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
  • Salty or processed foods
  • Pre-menstrual tension
  • A diet that lacks protein and fiber
  • Overconsumption of carbonated beverages, including beer
  • Lactose intolerance or milk allergy
  • Food allergies
  • Intestinal inflammation or obstruction

While it's true that you can't control all of these bloating stomach causes, there are some that you can change just by paying more attention to the foods that you eat, and steering clear of foods that are known to produce gas. However, some of these causes of abdominal bloating can only be treated by supplying your body with the tools it needs to maintain order in your digestive system.

Ways to Reduce Your Bloating Stomach

If you've changed your diet and started to get more exercise, you might think that there's nothing else you can do to reduce your bloating stomach, but that's not necessarily true. Many people who have suffered from gas bloating and abdominal bloating for years have found relief through the use of high quality probiotics. Containing tiny bacteria that can restore balance to your digestive system, probiotic supplements like Nutraelle DigestiveCare can improve a bloating stomach.

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